$ dlltool --help
Usage E:\MINGW\bin\dlltool.exe  
-m --machine     Create as DLL for .   i386
possible : arm[1], i386, mcore[2]{-le|-be}, ppc, thumb
-e --output-exp  Generate an export file.
-l --output-lib  Generate an interface library.
-a --add-indirect         Add dll indirects to export file.
-D --dllname        Name of input dll to put into interface lib.
-d --input-def   Name of .def file to be read in.
-z --output-def  Name of .def file to be created.
--export-all-symbols   Export all symbols to .def
--no-export-all-symbols  Only export listed symbols
--exclude-symbols  Don't export 
--no-default-excludes  Clear default exclude symbols
-b --base-file  Read linker generated base file.
-x --no-idata4            Don't generate idata$4 section.
-c --no-idata5            Don't generate idata$5 section.
-U --add-underscore       Add underscores to symbols in interface library.
-k --kill-at              Kill @ from exported names.
-A --add-stdcall-alias    Add aliases without @.
-p --ext-prefix-alias  Add aliases with .
-S --as             Use  for assembler.
-f --as-flags      Pass  to the assembler.
-C --compat-implib        Create backward compatible import library.
-n --no-delete            Keep temp files (repeat for extra preservation).
-t --temp-prefix  Use  to construct temp file names.
-v --verbose              Be verbose.
-V --version              Display the program version.
-h --help                 Display this information.
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